Unusual sports bring real money in betting

Do you remember the unusual game Quidditch from the books and films about Harry Potter? It turns out that such a sport exists in real life and this game shall bring you a significant amount of funds.Actually, you might place real bids on Quidditch. Here are the five strangest sports for money gambling.

Four of the most unusual sports that you can bet on


Quidditch is a fictional sport in which competitions were held at the Hogwarts School of Magic, described in the Harry Potter fantasy book series. During Quidditch, players on flying broomsticks must throw balls into small rings, as well as catch a snitch. Without thinking twice, Harry Potter fans started playing Quidditch in real life, and today international competitions are held in this sport. In different types of Quidditch, there can be goalkeepers, catchers, beaters and hunters. A mandatory condition for the competition is the presence of a broom between the player’s legs. Such a variety of players allows you to make many different types of bids and win on them.


Yes, competitions are also held for this children’s game, and gambling people have started betting on them. This sport has gained special popularity thanks to a TV show in Japan. There is a legend that basketball player Michael Jordan once bet $100 thousand on one of the games in rock-paper-scissors.

Diving in the swamp

First, a swamp is defined as wet, muddy ground, too soft to withstand a heavy body. Yes, you may Google it yourself and verify. This unusual game and the whole betting industry around it were invented by the British, who have a lot of swamps most of the day a year. The essence of the competition is simple-athletes equipped with fins and a breathing tube must overcome the swampy terrain as quickly as possible. In fact, this is an analog of swimming, only in a natural environment. In this case, you may draw a complete analogy with the types of bids in traditional swimming, and strategies and tips are applied similarly.

Chicken Lottery

Given that there is a sports lotto, this option of leisure activities, in which animals are used, would also be called a game. Chicken lottery is similar to several gambling games at once, including roulette and the lottery itself. Participants must place bets on one of the numbered cells on the conditional board, each of which contains chicken food. If the players guess which cells the chicken will take the food from, they get a win. Can you imagine: making money on chickens?

Familiar bets on unusual events

After reviewing the existing events, do you still have doubts about the interest of these bets? This is a great way to diversify the gameplay and earn more money.